Weekend Marked by Great Attendance and Generous Donations

Rochester Auto Museum

The Rochester Auto Museum officially opened February 17-18, introducing a place where car lovers and history buffs alike can experience the impact of this generation-defining era.

The private event Saturday afternoon was a tremendous success, punctuated by the Rochester Auto Museums donation of $100,000 ($20,000/year for five years) to the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20. When the museum officially opened to the public Sunday, the generosity continued with over 400 attendees donating more than $2,600 to the veterans organization. “There are no words I can say to thank the Rochester Auto Museum. The things they have done for me and Chapter 20; we are all amazed, everyone at the chapter … I can’t find words to describe their generosity. It was incredible.” - Valentino G. Gatto, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 President.

The Rochester Auto Museum is open to the public, Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-3pm. Tours of the museum are self-guided, with information displayed next to each vehicle to explore at your leisure. The Rochester Auto Museum hopes to become a mainstay of downtown Rochester and a great supporter of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 for years to come. For more information on the collection visit