Who We Are

Formed in 1987, our journey working with municipalities began by creating hand drawn “personality maps” for small to medium-sized cities across the country. These handsomely illustrated posters put CGI on the map of every municipality that participated. In the following years, the company steadily evolved a program of street banners which publicly adorned the lamp posts in the towns they served.

Maintaining strong relationships with the National League of Cities and the US Conference of Mayors, CGI Communications, Inc. eventually advanced to its current product line of eLocalLink Online Video Tours for its municipal partners, and the businesses who support these programs.

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Our Story


Community Graphics Inc. Was Founded

On the eve of Thanksgiving in 1987, Bob Bartosiewicz, Frank Buono and Hank Vinick made the move from Connecticut to Rochester, NY. The company launched with hand drawn “personality maps” as the flagship product. For more than 10 years, businesses in small towns across the country proudly displayed a CGI map in an act of support for their community. The original spirit of Community Graphics Inc. continues to permeate the halls of CGI Communications to this day.


Banner Division Introduced

Near the end of 1996, CGI traveled to the United States Conference of Mayors and signed up the city of Wilkes Barre, PA as the first banner client. The banners served to enhance ordinary street poles with beautiful artwork and build a sense of community with the local businesses who supported their town.


eLocalLink becomes leading video provider!

eLocalLink is the cornerstone division of CGI Communications, Inc. The division produces tens of thousands of cost-free videos for municipalities across the country and supports those programs through local business sponsorships, bringing the community together around this widely-viewed showcase.


CGI Partners with USCM

With the success of eLocalLink, CGI formed a partnership with the U.S. Conference of Mayors. This agreement echos the spirit of community and provides a resource for towns across the country to have their stories told in a professional way through online video.


CGI Partners with NLC

With the continued success of eLocalLink, CGI formed a partnership with the National League of Cities. This agreement put the Community Showcase Video Program on more municipal websites than ever before.


Community Video Network Created

Relocate.org maintains a library of more than 10,000 videos showcasing communities across the United States and Canada. The site hosts the largest library of informational community videos in the United States. With a network of videos that includes Quality of Life overviews, messages from Mayors and municipal leaders, and education and health care reviews, Relocate.org’s scope is unparalleled.


CGI Gains Aerial Video Technology

Completely changing the face of CGI’s video technology, aerial video and in-house operated drones are now part of CGI’s repertoire. This technology adds a new layer of innovation to CGI’s unparalleled video force. Aerial allows the Community Showcase Video Program to capture the unique elements of towns, cities, counties, and businesses in a way that tells a much grander story!

CGI Logo in Rochester, NY

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